February 8, 2021

Why training is important for Health and Social Care Recruitment?

Why training is important for Health and Social Care Recruitment?

At Jayco we only have the best workers in our temporary work team who go out and work for our clients all over the North East. All Jayco Health and Social workers must undertake a step-by-step training programme to ensure they are of the correct standard. Workers are required to take part in all training programmes which are essential to helping them fulfil their role effectively. For example, a Health Care Assistant has to complete 17 different modules ranging from Food Hygiene to the latest Medication Practices in order to be ready to work for Jayco. Furthermore, there is also on-going training which must be completed to assure our clients that our workers are always of the highest possible standard. We found that one of the many benefits of training was the confidence it instills in our workers as it allows them to feel comfortable and assured in their skills and knowledge, this also leads higher staff retention and satisfaction which is positive result for ourselves, the client and the worker collectively.


Health Care Assistant training modules;


·     Fire Safety

·     Food Hygiene

·     First Aid

·     Health and Safety

·     Infection Control

·     Moving and Handling

·     Safeguarding and Protection of Adults

·     CYP: Safeguarding Children and Young People

·     Behaviours that challenge

·     Eating Disorders

·     Self-Harm

·     Professional Boundaries

·     Prevent – Extremism and Radicalisation

·     Mental Health

·     Medication Practice

·     GDPR Stage One

·     Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


What happens if workers aren’t trained correctly?

Agencies who do not train their workers properly can result in a number of negative outcomes. In terms of the Health and Social Sector, the main risk is the safety of the service user which can be compromised. This can also include data protection and privacy issues for the service user and the care facility. Inadequate training can also cause stress on the client/management and a higher turnover of staff.

To find out more about our training modules please contact our training modules please contact our compliance administrator shaun.dobson@jaycorec.co.uk.



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