February 2, 2021

Why is Moving and Handling training important?

Why is Moving and Handling training important?

All Health and Social workers that are employed by Jayco Recruitment must follow a step-by-step training process before they are allowed to go out to work. This is to ensure they are above the national standard in their field.

The moving and handling of service users is a regular task in Health and Social Care which must be done safely in order to reduce the risk of injury. Moving and Handling training must be completed by the following roles: Registered Nurses, Support Workers, Health Care Assistants, Project Workers and Children’s Residential Workers. 

The whole premise of the moving and handling training is based on management of risk. The 3 main principles of this are.

·      care workers are not required to perform tasks that put them and their clients at risk unreasonably

·      client's personal wishes on mobility are respected wherever possible

·      client's independence and autonomy is supported as fully as possible.

Back injuries are the most common amongst carers which can limit their ability to care for service users. This sort of injury can also take a long time to recover from, therefore it is vital they are trained in moving and handling correctly. Furthermore, poor moving and handling can result in accidents which can affect both service user and care worker. There is a variety of moving and handling equipment that care workers must be trained in using. This can range from a selection of hoists to bed levers and support rails. The type of equipment needed will vary depending on the needs of the service user but it’s always important for the service user to maintain their independence.

If you are interested in joining our Health and Social care team and want to know more about the training modules please email our Compliance Administrator shaun.dobson@jaycorec.co.uk.


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