February 24, 2021

Top 10 Qualities of a Warehouse Operative

Top 10 Qualities of a Warehouse Operative

Warehouse Operatives play an important part in the manufacturing supply chain, each warehouse/production role requires different skills and knowledge. They work a variety of shift patterns, usually in a team whilst performing an array of different job roles. However, we have composed a list of the top 10 qualities (in no particular order) all successful warehouse operators must possess. 

1. Speed – having the ability to perform tasks at a fast pace is vital.  A manufacturing company must have high levels of efficiency if they are to be successful in hitting their production targets.

2. Accuracy – any work that is undertaken must be up to the correct standard or it can cost the company money and time. A worker must be accurate in order to avoid errors, a damaged product can reflect badly on the company and even result in loss of business.

3. Safety – a warehouse can be a dangerous environment with many risks. A worker must ensure they are wearing the correct PPE for the task they are performing.

4. Prioritise – workers must have the ability to manage and organise their responsibilities. If this is done correctly it will improve the overall efficiency of the warehouse.  

5. Fitness – working in a warehouse can often mean walking long distances throughout the day. It’s almost certain it will involve varied amounts of physical labour and heavy lifting. Therefore, it is important to have a decent level of fitness.

6. Equipment – every warehouse will require the worker to use some sort of equipment in order for them to complete their task. This can range from huge production machinery to hand tools. Having a wide range of experience using different types of equipment can be highly beneficial when looking for a new warehouse/production roles.

7. Communication – this role requires communication with fellow warehouse operatives and any management personal. Effective communication between co-workers can prevent any costly errors occurring.

8. Time Management – showing up on time is important in any job role but even more so in a warehouse environment to help maximise production levels.

9. Integrity – theft of company products is a big problem and has resulted huge losses. Workers must be honest and show integrity towards their employer which will result in more trust between employee and management.

10. Flexibility – if a company experiences increased demand a worker may be required to change their work pattern. Many manufacturing companies have both day and back shifts to help fulfil their business needs.

If you are interested in a warehouse/production operative role we are currently hiring on behalf of a manufacturing client, based in the Gateshead and Washington area. For more information and to apply please send yourCV to paul.reay@jaycorec.co.uk or call us on 0191 691 4200.


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