March 2, 2021

Top 10 Qualities of a Drug and Alcohol Worker

Top 10 Qualities of a Drug and Alcohol Worker

Drug and Alcohol Support Workers (also known as sessional or project workers) cover a large percentage of Jayco’s temporary work team. They work at a wide range of projects around the North East, they have to deal with service users that have a variety of substance misuse issues. This is a role that requires a particular skill set and we have created a list of the Top 10 qualities all Drug and Alcohol Support Workers must have in order to best meet the service user’s needs.


1.    Experience – experienced Drug and Alcohol workers have dealt with a variety of service users with different issues regarding substance misuse. Situations can often arise that are challenging, they must be approached using all the workers experience to best find a successful resolution. All Jayco Drug and Alcohol support workers must have at least 6 months paid UK experience.

2.    Resilient – service users can often be testing and sometimes confrontational. Therefore, it is important they show reliance and deal with situations in a calm and professional manner.

3.    Teamwork – a service user is likely to have more one person working with them. All carers must communicate effectively to help meant the needs of the care plan.

4.    Working independently – care is usually provided on a 1 to 1 basis. They must be able to build up a trusting relationship with the service user.  At Jayco, we try to keep the same workers going into the same services, so the client and users can become familiar with the worker.

5.    Communication- Drug and Alcohol workers must have good written and spoken communication skills. They often have to act as spokesperson on behalf of the service user, this can be in spoken, written or digital form via email. Report writing is also an important aspect to this role. All reports must gather, evaluate and analyse all the information regarding the service user.

6.    Listening Skills – also a vital part of communication. Full attention must be on the service user at all times, their needs must be listened to and evaluated.

7.    Positivity – a positive attitude and approach to work can have a significant impact on the service user. The use of the positive body language can also be beneficial, this can include eye contact and non-verbal nods.

8.    Up to date training and education – all Jayco Drug and Alcohol workers must complete 17 individuals training modules before they are able to work to ensure they are up to the correct standard. It is also beneficial if they have a NVQ level 2 or above as without this it can restrict the type of project they are able to work in.

9.    Knowledge of the housing and educational system – this role requires the worker to help the service user access the housing, universal credit and any relevant educational services.

10.  Understanding – have a non-judgmental approach. They must an empathic attitude to the service users’ needs and issues to best create a strategic approach for care.

We have a number of Drug and Alcohol Support Worker positions in the following areas: Middlesbrough, South Shields and Sunderland. You must have at least 6 months paid UK experience. The successful candidate will join our temporary work team, the shifts will be fitted around your availability. Please send your CV to


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