April 8, 2021

Top 10 Qualities of a Children's Residential Worker

Top 10 Qualities of a Children's Residential Worker

Being a Children’s Residential Workers (CRW) can be ones of the most rewarding roles in the social care sector but also one of the most challenging. It’s takes a particular type of person to do this role successfully and at Jayco we are lucky to have some of the best around. They work in a number of children’s support facilities around the North East, they care for children aged 5-18 who have a variety of care needs. We have compiled a list of the Top 10 qualities a Children’s Residential Worker must have (in no particular order).

1.Encouraging – one of the most important responsibilities of being a CRW is to support the child in helping them achieve their goals no matter how big or small.

2.Written communication – a CRW will be required to write reports on young people for reviews or any other meetings.

3.Relationship Management – many of the children in care still have contact with their family. For this reason, it is important the CRW also has a good relationship with the services user’s family, so they work together to help the child reach their maximum potential in life.

4.Empathy – due to the way in which some of the children may have been brought up they could be wary and distrustful of adults. Therefore, a CRW must be empathetic towards the child’s behaviours and needs by being an appropriate role model at all times.  

5.Flexible – at Jayco we have clients that have service users who require round the clock care. A CRW may be required to work day and night shifts or sleep ins depending on the needs of the service user. Shifts can be weekdays, weekends and bank holidays.

6.Driving – A CRW may be required to take service users to various appointments when needed. In some instances, CRW are required to act on the behalf of the child at various meetings where they are the subject.

7.De-escalation skills – the child must feel safe and secure at all times. Challenging situations may arise where the child would need calming down. This is where experience and training are vitally important. At Jayco, all CRW workers are required to do 15 training modules and they must have at least 6-month experience before they go out to work.

8.Positive Attitude – having a can do attitude is very important. A CRW must be an appropriate role model at all times and lead by example by always having a positive attitude. Any situations that arise must be dealt with a calm and professional manner.

9.Passionate – they must care about what they do! It’s important they enjoy going to work every day.

10.Fitness – A good CRW would know physical activities and shared experiences can be used as a great tool to help deal with any arising issues. Sharing in these kinds of activity with the children, the CRW uses their relationship with the children to help them resolve these problems.

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