November 5, 2021

Reflecting on JAYCO turning 5 years old

Reflecting on JAYCO turning 5 years old

On November 5th we celebrate our 5th birthday. Our journey over the past 5 years has been one of ups and the occasional down. A lot has changed in the past 5 years, but our core values have remained the same. Our workers have and always will be the beating heart of our business, they have made JAYCO what is today. The longevity of our staff is something we are most proud of, some of our workers have been on this journey with us from the very start. We will continue to reward our workers on a regular basis through award incentives and competitive pay rates as their hard work has helped JAYCO flourish throughout the last 5 years.  

Our office has changed a lot since our first workspace in UGC house, where we started off with just 3 employees. In 2021, we now have 15 employees working both front and back-office positions with dedicated recruitment, finance, marketing, and compliance teams.

From the very beginning health and social care recruitment has been at the heart of being everything we do and that continues to be the case today. However, over the past year our industrial and transport recruitment teams have begun to grow at a steady rate, even though it has been a tough year for both sectors with the on-going pandemic and various issues surrounding Brexit. All our teams have managed to adapt and overcome in what has been a challenging year, they have had to deal with ever changing government guidelines and new regulations. For example, the care team have had to ensure all our workers in this sector are fully vaccinated before the November 11th deadline. The whole team work around the clock to ensure all our temporary works are fully compliant and equipped with correct skills to do their job to the highest possible standard.

The Future

What do the next five years hold for JAYCO? Our new office will allow us to grow our internal staff as we have the space to double our current size. We plan to add more personal and invest in our current sectors over the next year. Going into 2022, we also plan to expand even further into new sectors and  look for new opportunities as the country begins to come back to relative normality.


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