January 4, 2021

Moving Forward with Jayco Recruitment

Moving forward with Jayco Recruitment

 2020 has been a unique year for everyone and it has been no different here at Jayco. We have managed to adapt and overcome all the challenges thrown our way to produce yet another record year. This year we supplied over 240,000 hours to the Health and Social sector including both permanent and temporary roles for a wide range of candidates and clients. Our team has continued to grow throughout the year and will only get bigger in 2021, with more locations and sectors on the horizon.

Health and Social care has always been at the heart of what we do at Jayco and we will continue to grow this sector next year. At the end of this year, we started to expand into the logistics industry with the employment of Senior Consultant Paul Reay who has a vast amount of experience in this sector. Paul has been able to grow this side of the business with great success in such a small amount of time, the logistics team will continue to increase in 2021. Next year, we also aim to increase our commercial and technological sector with further expansion and investment to our current workforce. July saw us move from our city centre offices to brand-new headquarters in South Tyneside, which all the team are currently reaping the benefits of and puts us in a great position to widen our current team. 2021 should also be the year Jayco takes its business to other parts of the UK, so watch this space.  

Furthermore, everyone at Jayco is especially proud of all our front-line workers who have worked non-stop for us throughout this year, their attitude and bravery are unrivalled. Hopefully, next year we are able to go out and meet our clients and employees face-to-face and continue all our wonderful relationships into 2021.  


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