January 26, 2021

Is Temporary to Permanent employment right for you?

Is Temporary to Permanent employment right for you?

You may have seen some of our job adverts for “temporary to permanent” roles but what does this mean?  Initially, this means the role is on a temporary basis for the first 12 weeks and then the client will decide if they want to make the role permanent. This is also a good opportunity for the candidate to see if the role and the organisation is the right fit for them.

This type of employment has increased over the past year as organisations face uncertainty or in some cases growth. Employers will sometimes find a temporary employee to have a certain skill which doesn’t currently exist in their permanent work force. We also know how important it is for the candidate and client to be compatible and we believe temporary to permanent recruitment solutions can be beneficial for both.  It allows the employer to expand their work force without having to source someone themselves whilst also getting a permanent position filled.

We would never advise leaving a permanent role, however If you are having trouble finding the right job elsewhere then a temporary to permanent job could be the perfect chance to try a role with a view to taking it on a permanent basis. During the 12-week period you will employed by Jayco and we will take care of all your pay and any other employee benefits, then if you were made permanent you would join the client’s payroll and a become a permanent employee. Furthermore, being a temporary employee also allows the candidate the same employment rights as permanent staff, they legally have to notified of any internal vacancies within the organisation. Our best advice to candidates that are going for a temporary to permanent role would be to always go the extra mile to help secure that permanent position.

Currently, we are looking for Support Workers on a temporary to permanent basis across the North East area, if have more than 6 months paid experience in a support role please send your CV to applications@jaycorec.co.uk. To find out more please speak to one of our team on 0191 691 4200.


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