January 12, 2021

Health and Social Care - Client Spotlight Mental Health Matters

Client Spotlight - Mental Health Matters

For this week’s client spotlight, we take a look at one of our longest running clients – Mental Health Matters. MHM have a number of registered care facilities all over the North East and provide a wide range of mental health support services from therapy sessions to residential housing. They are supported by Jayco with highly skilled and experienced staff to help residents with a variety of needs with the main aim being to help develop confidence and new skills.

1 in 4 people in UK will experience some kind of mental health problem this year. To add to this 2020 has been an especially challenging year for everyone’s mental health and organisations like Mental HealthMatters are vital in supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society. Due to the pandemic services have had to be reduced. MHM work with people in help them with everyday tasks such as shopping. However, to reduce the risk of infection this all has to be done online. Helping the residents understand the pandemic had been one of the main challenges this year, which has been made harder through limited contact between residents, staff and family. There has also been an increase in referrals with the home nearly at full capacity. 2021 is a tough year to plan for due to the on-going uncertainty in society, MHM will focus on further adapting to government guidelines and carrying on their vital services in the safest manner possible.

Jayco have worked with MHM since the beginning and during the pandemic by providing staff to join their permanent staff in their ‘bubble’ to support the services and minimise the risk of cross infection. Many of the staff currently in the MHM residential home have been their long-term, which is testament to the home itself in providing such a rewarding place to work. David Lewis who is deputy manager at the Newcastle Residential Home and has been part of the MHM team for over 22 years was key to point out the helpful nature of the Jayco Office staff in sourcing new starters for the team. He was also impressed with the inductions all our candidates have to go through in order to be compliant.


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