November 6, 2023

Celebrating 7 Remarkable Years

Celebrating 7 Remarkable Years and a Fresh New Look - JAYCO's Journey Continues!

Seven years ago, a vision was born, a dream became reality, and JAYCO Recruitment took its first steps into the world of recruitment. Today, we celebrate not only the milestone of our 7th birthday but also the dawn of a brand new era with a striking rebrand.

🌟 A Look Back at Our Journey

Our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Over the past seven years, we've grown, evolved, and made invaluable connections with our clients, candidates, and partners. We've faced challenges, celebrated successes, and continued to push the boundaries of what's possible in recruitment.

🚀 The Evolution of JAYCO

As we step into our 7th year, we're excited to unveil our fresh new look. Our rebrand represents our commitment to excellence, growth, and a dedication to serving you even better. Our brand has evolved to align with our core values and the dynamic nature of the industries we serve.

🎉 Why the Rebrand?

This rebrand is more than just a new logo or a fresh coat of paint. We've evolved our business to better serve your needs. We've split into three distinct sectors, each with its unique focus:

  • JAYCO Health and Social: Dedicated to providing top-notch healthcare professionals on a temporary basis. We're here to support the essential work of the healthcare industry.
  • JAYCO Collective: Your go-to source for temporary staff in industrial, warehouse, commercial, IT, catering, and transportation roles. Versatility and quality are at the heart of our collective services.
  • JAYCO Recruitment: Focused on high-level permanent roles in IT, software, robotics, and beyond. We're here to help you build your dream team for the long term.

🧩 Understanding the Difference

With our rebrand, we aim to make it crystal clear for our workers and clients. You know where to turn, depending on your specific needs. Our new look is a symbol of this clarity, and we're excited to continue offering the exceptional service you've come to expect from JAYCO.

🥂 Here's to Many More

We're incredibly thankful to everyone who has been a part of our journey, and we're excited for what the future holds. Here's to many more years of growth, success, and partnerships. Thank you for celebrating our 7th birthday and rebrand with us. 🎂


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