May 12, 2022

Benefits of being an Agency Nurse

Benefits of being an Agency Nurse

To celebrate International Nurses Day, we wanted to showcase all the best aspects of being an agency Nurse. We have compiled a list of what we think are the best things about being an agency Nurse.

Flexibility – The biggest advantage of working for an agency is the control over shifts. They get to choose when and where they work at times. They can fit their shifts around their lifestyle, giving a better work life balance and an overall reduction in stress. Agency work is also popular for Nurses who want to want to pick up extra hours alongside a permanent role to help boost their income.

Pay rates – It is well documented that agency Nurses receive a higher pay rate than a Nurse in a permanent role. Agency workers also have the opportunity to earn extra money by working unsociable hours on weekends and bank holidays. Bank holidays alone will often result in their pay increasing by anywhere between 50% - 100%. Furthermore, JAYCO Nurses don’t have to wait until the end of the month to be paid, we run weekly payroll for all our staff.

Work in new areas – Working in the same building and for the same company day after day can become stale. As the North East's largest independent health and social care recruitment agency, JAYCO have a wide range of clients. Therefore, this allows our Nurses to work in many different locations and experience new environments or they can stay in one, it’s completely up to them. Working in new areas is also a great way for Nurses to find their perfect permanent role as they can try out different working environments to find out what works best for them.

Constant skill development– Working in diverse surroundings with contrasting service users on a regular basis can provide new challenges which must be overcome. This can create a more well-rounded Nurse who is more experiences in dealing with a wide variety of circumstances. At JAYCO, all our Nurses undertake free mandatory training to ensure they are up to date with all the latest practices. As well as skill development, working for an agency also allows for an opportunity for Nurses to increase their network with people from different areas and departments.

We are always looking for more Nurses to join our team, we supply clients all over the North East from County Durham all the way up to Northumberland. You must have a valid pin and experience working in a care home environment is preferred, to find out more please call us 0191 691 4200. You can also apply via the jobs section of our website.


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